Common Feed System (CFS)
Centralization, Distribution, Optimation & Governance of Market Data

Scalable Market & Reference Financial Data Service Solution Common Feed System (CFS) enables fast and efficient integration of market and reference data between external feeds and in-house applications. Built for the simplicity of use, provides a standard API connection to link third-party vendors with internal proprietary, and non-display (black box) applications. Design to be adapted to your company requirements, deploy and pay for only your desired applications, service and data.

Evolve your Systems
Adapt the traditional companies infrastructure to the new digital, service oriented aproach in a least demanding way:
  • Audit & Trace of Data consumption
  • Vendors costs optimization
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Low maintenance and support costs
  • Low integration costs
  • Time to market
  • No manual intervention
  • Friendly, Agile and Easy

Features & Components
  • Data Integration
  • Workflows & Orchestration
  • Login & Permission
  • Data Check
  • Data Routing
  • Services Management
  • Admin tool
    • Front Web
    • Management of users & Permissions
    • Vendor Feeds
    • Audit & Tace
    Golden Source
    • Historic Database
    • Centralised Database
    Excel Addin
    • Data Query, Audit & Maintenance from an Excel Sheet
    • Integration with macros
    Rest Api
    • Standard Public API REST
    • Integrations with client systems
    Integration Module
    • Set of Micro services
    • Translation of information from other systems
    • Integration with Third Party Vendors (ThomsonReuters, Blomberg, Murex,etc)
    • Integrations with In-house systems
    • Scalability
    Other Features
    • Low Latency
    • Metrics & Reporting
    • Data QA
    • Data Transformation
    • Custom Checks
    • Data Viewer
    1st Step: Distributed Model
    Begin with a simple application integration, allowing it to share their data as fast as possible.
    Start the integration with few providers or with an in-house application, start to scale system by system, data by data.
    2nd Step: Centralized Mode
    Having the most of your systems joined and working, you could start using the golden source service as your main data repository, saving developing and storage costs.
    3rd Step: New Business Opportunities
    Your new developments or systems could use all the power of the service, saving developing cost due to the simple interface.
    Introduce more system components to the application