Electronic Patient Record (ECH)

With ECH we will provide
a mobile EMR solution,
offering full functionality in
managing inpatient and
outpatient processes
Key Features of ECH
Mobile, user-friendly and designed for clinicians
ECH is an electronic patient record designed for clinicians, doctors and nurses, which can perform all activities of the day care for patient treatments:
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile solution. Use from any device
  • Interoperability
  • Specific Features for each area of the hospital
  • Versatility and flexibility in creating medical reports
  • Electronic signature
  • LDAP compliance and Audit trial
  • Integration capabilities with third-party applications

Our ECH solution is just what the doctor needs: fast and easy to use
ECH is a mobile solution that gives physicians instant access to all patient records and relevant information across the continuum, in one place.
Interoperability through the whole clinical process
ECH is a fully interoperable solution that helps you provide seamless patient care, anywhere and everywhere throughout the continuum.
ECH provides specific functionality for the outpatient process
Patient List
Provide a specific workstation for the clinical staff of outpatient environments.
Clinical Course
Allow clinical staff to enter anamnesis, progress notes, diagnoses, procedures, referrals, medication guidelines and drug prescriptions
Clinical Orders & Results
ECH can handle different types of clinical orders: Radiodiagnostic, Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, Referrals, etc.
ECH provides specific functionality for the emergency process
Emergency Workstation
Provide a specific workstation for the clinical staff of emergency environments.
Triage Form
Through the Triage form clinicians can set the level of severity for the emergency
Provide a specific tool for coding. Different diagnoses catalogs are supported
ECH provides specific functionality for the inpatient process
Bed Census
Bed census can be managed in list format or as tabs with alert icons for relevant information
Graphical View
Vital signs and drug prescription/administration can be displayed as graphical view
Provide all functionality related to drug prescription and administration.
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Discover the solutions installed in this client