Common MS | enero 16, 2019 emed

The Bupa Chile Healthcare Group implements the eMed mobility solution from COMMON MS to improve the usability of its clinical care system

  • This project reinforces the international presence of COMMON MS in the health sector
  • eMed has become the only work tool of the medical community

COMMON MS, a company that develops software solutions for the healthcare sector and partner of SAP and Cerner, is one of the main suppliers of the BUPA Group, (British United Provident Association), a global company, with More than 65 years of life, presence in 129 countries, which offers healthcare to more than 32 million people worldwide.

The project for which the BUPA Group has chosen COMMON MS and which is being implemented in Chile, is part of a context of technological renewal of the group and aims to improve the usability and friendliness of the SAP solution. in all the clinical processes of the group hospitals allowing doctors and nurses to work with a 100% mobile solution. Common MS has carried out the implementation and adaptation of eMed to the needs of BUPA Chile, becoming in this way the only work tool of the medical collective.
Main functionalities

Among the main functionalities provided by eMed, a platform developed entirely in mobility, include the management of diagnoses, clinical orders, and medication, both from the point of view of prescription and its administration. Nursing evolution and indications, as well as access to documents with clinical results. Doctors and nursing professionals can use this application from any device, desktop, tablet and Smartphone and both with iOs and Android or Windows Phone.

The deployment of the platform began in 2018 in the different BUPA clinics in Chile and it is expected that by 2019 more than 2,500 doctors and nurses will be using it, who will be gradually incorporated into the work with this mobile application.
Benefits and benefits

Among the main benefits that Grupo BUPA will obtain after the implementation of eMed in its centers in Chile, the improvement of the friendliness and usability of transactions, the possibility of using the different functionalities of mobile devices, such as Dictaphone, stand out. , photos, etc. in daily health practice, it will facilitate the management of change for the use of the electronic clinical file, and all this without the need for the installation of any type of additional infrastructureIn the words of Alvaro Iñiguez, Partner-Consultant of COMMON MS,

«With the implementation of this project, COMMON becomes a technological partner of one of the most powerful healthcare groups in the world, which will allow us to increase our expertise in a sector , the health service that is strategic for our organization «.