Common | June 1, 2023 BLOG ENGLISH

A new horizon with SAP IS-H and Cerner 

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare technology, it is critical that organizations are backed by robust solutions with reliable support. SAP and Oracle Cerner, two of the main players in the field of health technology under the SAP ECC platform, have recently announced their strategies and roadmaps for their IS-H and solutions respectively. 

SAP has announced that there will be no successor to its patient management solution (IS-H) and to the Oracle Cerner clinical information system in its new version S/4HANA from October 2022. SAP relies on partners such as Common Management Solutions so that the functionalities previously offered in IS-H are covered by modern interoperable, modular, and flexible hospital information systems (HIS). 

SAP’s strategy is based on mobilizing its installed base towards its Enterprise Cloud and giving partners the opportunity to contribute their own solutions, designed to integrate with this new cloud platform using advanced technologies that allow them to work effectively, scalable, and safe. 

SAP, with its focus on simplification and integration, has developed a strategy that focuses on the implementation of functionalities in the cloud through its Business Technology Platform where Common Management Solutions offers its solutions. SAP focuses on maximizing the value of customers’ investment by prioritizing the modularity and interoperability of these solutions. This enables easier integration with other SAP solutions, such as S/4HANA, Success Factors, Ariba, or C/4HANA, ensuring the availability of specific solutions for healthcare providers. In this way, SAP ensures that its clients can benefit from the advantages of the new platform in their administrative and clinical processes. 

Solutions on the new SAP platform offer a wide range of benefits for healthcare organizations, such as increased usability, accessibility, efficiency, productivity, and security. These solutions improve the quality of patient care, such as remote care, chronic patient management, and collaboration between healthcare providers. Additionally, this platform allows integration with supply chain management, financial administration, and human resources management in the SAP Enterprise Cloud. 

Furthermore, Cerner’s strategy for focuses on continuous improvement through the year 2030, through the adoption of Oracle’s portfolio and cloud infrastructure. In addition, Cerner aims to develop a next-generation solution to replace, offering new capabilities on top of through partner solution certification. 

One of the most promising alternatives for health organizations on the SAP ECC platform is the ECH Easy Healthcare portfolio of solutions from Common Management Solutions. These solutions are made up of several management modules that are designed to simplify the strategic transformation of IS-H and ECH Easy Healthcare offers a wide range of functionalities, such as administrative management, billing, and clinical patient care among others. 

ECH Easy Healthcare solutions are modular and easy to use, wich means healthcare providers can get up and running quickly without the need for a large up-front investment and complicated change management. In addition, the solutions are easily integrated with modules from SAP IS-H or Cerner 

Although the SAP IS-H and Oracle Cerner strategy may seem like a challenge for healthcare organizations, it is an opportunity to adopt more advanced and efficient solutions through their partners. 

At CMS we are proud to be partners with SAP and Oracle Cerner, which allows us to be aligned with both organizations and offer solutions that optimize current investment in SAP. Our approach is based on creating a strategy that prioritizes the modularity, capacity, and interoperability of IS-H and solutions. We recognize that every organization has unique needs and challenges, which is why we consider factors such as the situation, need for improvement, risk, change management, and the investment appetite of each of our clients when designing customized solutions. 

To optimize the investment and move towards the future, from Common Management Solutions we provide the best transition based on the specific needs of the client, recommending the following strategy: 

• Evaluate the current capabilities of the ERP solution, IS-H and 

• Optimize investment in SAP by creating a target architecture and capabilities roadmap that