Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic is the largest family-run hospital group in Germany that treats patients with legal and private insurance. Since opening its doors in 1985, the group has specialised in psychosomatic medicine, orthopaedics, neurology, surgery and internal medicine. It employs more than 10,000 professionals who treat approximately 300,000 patients every year in 23 locations throughout Germany and the UK.

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Spire Healthcare

With 38 hospitals located throughout the United Kingdom, Spire is a leading provider in private health care. The company is built on a heritage of over 25 years’ experience of managing private hospitals. It employs over 7,600 people nationwide, works with over 3,000 of the country’s most experienced surgeons and specialists, and treats over 930,000 patients annually.

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Los Madroños Hospital

Los Madroños Hospital is a private medical and surgical centre located in the west of Madrid. Equipped with the latest technology, it features a highly specialised brain injury unit.

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The CEMTRO Clinic is a general hospital founded by the surgeon and investigator Pedro Guillén, who introduced arthroscopy in Spain and specialises in the areas of surgery and sports traumatology. The clinic is a leading healthcare facility for elite sportsmen and women throughout Spain.