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The CEMTRO Clinic is a general hospital founded by the surgeon and investigator Pedro Guillén, who introduced arthroscopy in Spain and specialises in the areas of surgery and sports traumatology. The clinic is a leading healthcare facility for elite sportsmen and women throughout Spain.


Logging clinical activity at the centre for improved clinical analysis

The CEMTRO Clinic already had an online platform, but a process analysis revealed the need to change the system to one that provided more complete, detailed and, above all, integrated information. What the hospital really needed was a system that allowed them to log all their clinical activity. This would then allow them to conduct cost analyses and ensure nothing was left out during the billing process.


Providing improved patient care thanks to integrated, easy-to-use technology

The CEMTRO Clinic needed a complete solution to meet the needs of all the areas within the organisation, including emergency and out-patient care and hospital admission. The system would be used by all members of the healthcare community and provide support to all situations of patient interaction. In this way, the solution would streamline electronic medical records, ensure healthcare staff—from hospital porters to doctors, specialists and nurses—were aware of the patients’ situations at all times and improve the care offered at the clinic.

ECH, a Common solution
To meet all the needs of the CEMTRO Clinic, Common MS opted to install the ECH (Electronic Clinical History) platform that enables the collection of clinical data and increased user accessibility. ECH is designed to streamline any type of healthcare facility in terms of day-to-day management, from any location and on any device. This patient-centred solution is designed with improved performance and all healthcare staff in mind. It can be preconfigured and customised in line with the needs of each user and their responsibilities.

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