Common | May 7, 2024 ▪️​NEWS

Common Management Solutions arrives in Switzerland with a collaboration agreement with Swisscom. 

Common Management Solutions, a leader in hospital management technological solutions, announces a new strategic alliance with Swisscom, GITG and Aktiva AG, one of the main providers of telecommunications and health technology solutions in Switzerland. This agreement, which they have been working on since June 2023, marks a significant milestone in the global expansion of their GS-H hospital operations management solution for the Swiss market. 

ECH Easy Healthcare Common Management Solutions’ modular suite of solutions, has been widely recognized for its innovation, efficiency, and ability to drive digital transformation in the healthcare industry. Now, with the collaboration with Swisscom, comes GS-H to enter the Swiss healthcare sector as a fundamental gear for optimizing operations in hospitals and health centres in the region. 

“This collaboration will allow us to leverage the expertise of Swisscom and its local network to bring new business to the ECH suite,” said Julián Sánchez, partner at Common Management Solutions. 

GS-H offers a variety of modules ranging from patient management and medical resource tracking to administrative process optimization and advanced analytics. This modular suite allows hospitals to tailor solutions to their specific needs, providing a comprehensive platform to improve efficiency and quality in healthcare delivery. 

”With their healthcare experience we are confident that we can facilitate the integration of GS-H into the new hospital solution that will be marketed in Switzerland, providing tangible benefits to both healthcare providers and patients,” said Esteban Gebhard, partner by Common Management Solutions. 

With this collaboration agreement, Common Management Solutions and Swisscom are committed to improving hospital management in Switzerland, offering innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and improve the quality of healthcare. 

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