Common | April 8, 2024 ▪️​NEWS

ECH Easy Healthcare expands into German-speaking markets in collaboration with GiTG. 

Common Management Solutions, a leader in innovative solutions for healthcare management, announces its entry into German-speaking markets through a strategic partnership with GiTG. 

Common has been working with GiTG on this partnership since June 2023. With the birth of GS-H, the name of the localized solution, they finalize this alliance to begin working on the internationalization strategy. 

GS-H constitutes a suite of localized modular solutions, offering tools ranging from patient management to revenue lifecycle, tailored to the healthcare industry in terms of regulations and protocols. 

The partnership represents a crucial step in the expansion of ECH Easy Healthcare, adapting its solutions to the specific needs of the healthcare sector in German-speaking markets. 

With this strategy, Common Management Solutions advances towards its expansion goal, consolidating its presence in new markets through strategic partners. 

“Our partners will play a fundamental role in the localization, distribution, and implementation of the solution in various healthcare institutions,” comments Julián Sánchez, partner at Common Management Solutions. 

The development of GS-H aims to provide hospitals and clinics in German-speaking markets with the most advanced management tools. Based on the SAP platform and with an intuitive interface, GS-H aspires to become the preferred solution for the continuity of IS-H systems. 

Recognizing the importance of adapting solutions to the regulations and particularities of each country, Common trusts its partner GiTG to successfully carry out this localization and implementation task. 

“We are pleased to join forces with GiTG to introduce our solution into German-speaking markets,” comments Esteban Gebhard, Partner at Common Management Solutions. 

This alliance between GiTG and the Spanish consultancy promises to offer healthcare providers in the German-speaking territory advanced management tools that will reduce costs, improve efficiency, and elevate the quality of patient care. 

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