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Feníe Energía

Feníe Energía is a Spanish electricity supplier formed of over fifty regional associations that offer electricity, gas and energy saving services nationwide. The growth of the company depends on providing its clients with solutions that ensure constant improvements in energy management.


A company committed to technological change

Last year marked a turning point in Feníe Energía’s technology strategy, with the launch of the project to migrate to SAP HANA, hand in hand with Common MS, in addition to the installation of a series of new functions to improve the company’s day-to-day activity.


Scaling as a way of boosting efficiency

The growth in business experienced by Feníe Energía was accompanied by an exponential increase in the number of monthly invoices the company issued to its clients. Up until now, the company had managed these tasks with excessively rigid solutions that could not be streamlined with granular scaling. There was an urgent need to improve and, above all, increase efficiency within this area of the company’s activity.

SAP HANA and Common, a winning combination
Given the new technological challenges that Feníe Energía was facing, Common MS proposed a solution based on SAP HANA platforms from the cloud with Gigas, the cloud provider of the project. The highlight of the project was changing the Feníe Energía billing system model, with an end-to-end billing process for all invoices issued by the company from that moment onwards. New functions were also added, such as integrating the new platform with the corporate CRM to allow for the online creation of clients as business partners, and agreements via Web Service.

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