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Gijima selects Common MS to help their customers in South Africa to improve patient care

  • Gijima, one of South Africa’s leading ICT companies has chosen Common MS to help their healthcare customers transform their business in order to generate efficiencies and improve patient care.
  • Gijima is providing a fully managed Health Information System (HIS) to hospitals and community health centers in a large province of South Africa.
  • With this project, Common MS reinforces its global presence and takes a step forward in its strategy of becoming a worldwide preferential SAP partner in the healthcare environment; as well as in the deployment of their own solutions.

Common MS, a Spanish company that develops software solutions for the healthcare sector and a SAP partner, has been selected by Gijima to support the implementation of the SAP and Cerner i.s.h. med platform in 37 hospitals and 33 community health centers.

This project is part of the continuous efforts being made by the South African health system, to improve the provision of services and the quality of care in the country. In order to achieve this objective, it has implemented a Health Information System through the i.s.h. med Platform.

Characteristics of the solution

The  SAP and Cerner i.s.h. med. solution that Gijima has implemented with of Common MS is an integrated and scalable healthcare management platform that adjusts to the expansion needs of the organization and is fully integrated with SAP IS-H and SAP ECC.

Among the functionalities that the platform allows, we can highlight:

  • Patient medical history, which allows users a comprehensive view of an patients past and present status and history, and includes documents, lab orders, vital signs, appointments and more. All information and documentation can be accessed from the broader patient profile.
  • Management of clinical processes. Cerner i.s.h. med. provides comprehensive data sets that are securely stored, properly mapped and quickly retrieved; enabling clinicians to optimize time spent caring for their patients.
  • Simplified patient registration. Cerner i.s.h. med. facilitates demographic maintenance and data for each visit and patient, eliminating duplication and loss of data in files, as well as reducing paper use and optimizing all internal processes. As well as those processes related to suppliers, since the solution integrates perfectly with third-party pre-existing applications already is use at the healthcare facilities.
  • Workflows for specialties. The solution allows special components to be addressed to its standard system, to allow specialists to have the dedicated workflows they need to provide the best care for their patients.
  • Outpatient appointment planning. Thanks to Cerner i.s.h. med. Healthcare, personnel will be able to plan appointments, track treatments and keep a single record of all patients.

The Cerner i.s.h. med. configuration adapts to the particularities of the workflow of any healthcare organization, so that healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most: patient care! It is an intuitive and easy-to-use information system that integrates elements of the complete clinical process such as clinical orders, clinical documentation, prescription and administration process management.

For Julian Sánchez Simón-Zurita, Partner at Common MS, “this project is another step in the globalization strategy of our own solutions, and represents recognition of our work as a priority partner of Cerner and SAP in the healthcare environment. From the launch of this initiative, the South African health system begins its evolution to have a technological solution to offer it´s patients the best possible medical care, facilitating the work of health professionals.”