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Hospiten Group

The Hospiten Group is an international private hospital network with more than 1,200, committed to providing first-rate healthcare services. It treats more than 1,900,000 patients every year. It runs twenty medical-hospital centres in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama, and employs 5,000 healthcare professionals.

All of the healthcare centres that form part of the Hospiten Group boast the latest technology in the field of medicine and management, and are run by a team of renowned professionals that guarantee first-rate healthcare for its patients. In 2019, the Group invested a total of 25 million euros in technological excellence to secure its position at the forefront of the industry.


Implementation of a quality data system

The daily operations of this hospital group were supported by internally designed systems built using Cobol, which encompassed the management of financial, logistic and administrative processes regarding its patients. Faced with the need to share data on its activity and to rely on the support of the best platforms for increased efficacy for healthcare and management processes, Hospiten chose SAP to implement a top quality data system. Furthermore, this solution was the only one that could guarantee complete integration, allowing for the linking and sharing of all corporate data.

Upon concluding the implementation of the SAP platform, the Hospiten Group launched the Common MS video consultation system. This move has allowed the healthcare firm to make use of new channels of communication to provide its patients with support and care in a range of specialities.


Added value in patient services

The primary objective behind the Hospiten Group’s commitment to video consultation was to improve the health care it offers its patients, giving increasing importance to quality diagnoses and response time. This solution brings with it great added value, as it allows healthcare professionals to conduct the first consultation via video, thereby reducing the number of visits of elderly patients or patients with less severe conditions, and allowing their progress to be monitored on a daily basis.

The application developed by Common MS features a multitude of new functions
It reduces the time needed for administrative tasks, and allows the hospital staff to focus more on patient outcomes.

With online and mobile options, scope and commitment has improved along with patient satisfaction.

What’s more, the complete logistic value chain was automated to aid information transparency.

The hospital continued to operate as normal during the entire launch process, with no significant interruptions to business.

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