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Los Madroños Hospital

Los Madroños Hospital is a private medical and surgical centre located in the west of Madrid. Equipped with the latest technology, it features a highly specialised brain injury unit.


Preventing clinical errors through the automation of processes and data analysis

Los Madroños Hospital aims to be there for its patients at all times, providing access to clinical data at all points of patient care, improving security, and streamlining documentation and testing requests. In turn, the Hospital’s healthcare professionals will also benefit from this improved speed by being able to make instant changes to treatment by registering the necessary clinical data immediately, thereby improving the safety of the process.


A hospital committed to technology as the way of the future

The aim of Los Madroños Hospital is to become a centre of excellence. For this reason, technology is an essential strategic tool both for the professionals who work at the hospital and the patients they care for. By committing to technology, the Hospital strives to attain better results in a shorter time, all with improved safety levels.

ECH Clinical Records, the most intuitive and complete solution
The project designed by Common MS focused initially on updating the SAP platform and subsequently implementing the ECH clinical record system. Managing the switch to the new system was simple. ECH is an intuitive solution, so healthcare professionals could be trained quickly and began to use and work with the system almost immediately. Some of the main functions of Common ECH include patient lists, clinical documentation, clinical requests and results, management of diagnoses, management of schedules and appointments, hospital admission and access to documents with clinical results.

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