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Murex support team

The client is one of the biggest financial institutions in Europe, and one of the most prestigious banks in the world. The scope of its activity includes commercial banking, investment banking and private banking.


A key service for awarding committees

In the field of Corporate and Investment Banking, the company offers support and maintenance, or Business as Usual (BAU) services to its users and business areas. This service includes support and maintenance for the Murex platform—a tool used to manage the majority of the company’s operations in the financial markets. This essential service offers 24/7 support to contract awarding committees in production environments.


The need for coordinated management

The client provides this service through a team made up of various consultants. This team has a high turnover rate, poor cohesion and struggles to meet the basic needs of users.

A team with technical and functional experience
The client decided to work with Common MS to implement a new team that could provide a support and maintenance service for the Murex application, thus ensuring an improved user experience.

We have broad experience in both Murex platform projects and Level I and II support services for the various treasury platforms of finance institutions.

We decided to install a team of four consultants who were experts in Murex on both a technical and functional level. Response times to users were improved by offering an agile, resolutive, independent and efficient service that guarantees to identify and solve incidences quickly and streamline the tasks of users and Murex departments. The highly motivated team and the strong performance delivered resulted in a significant improvement to services, communication and reports to the user.
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