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Founded in 1969, Neinver is one of the leading companies specialised in development, investment, real estate asset management and fund management. From the outset, Neinver’s activities have focused principally on the development, acquisition, marketing and management of a wide range of real estate products, including business parks, industrial parks and retail assets. The Group currently manages 539,000 m2 of retail space in Europe, and operates in Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.


Digitalisation as a competitive advantage

Since its beginnings, Neinver has been dedicated to the customisation of tools and digital systems as an advocate for the continuous growth of efficiency and innovation in the world of retail. The company strives to work continuously towards finding new solutions, parameters and processes to secure its position as the industry leader in this field.


A comprehensive model for efficiency in performance

Innovation constitutes one of Neinver’s main objectives and values. The project set in motion with Common MS fits into this framework and is aimed at creating a unique management model that has, in recent years, been immersed in a process of digital transformation with the objective of maximising and optimising procedures, among other benefits.

EMA, a Common MS solution
Common MS developed a project known as EMA for Neinver, which has enabled the complete integration of the company’s commercial and legal departments. Given the large number of contracts and all the legal requirements the company must comply with in each of the seven countries in which it operates, facilitating internal processes was a significant priority. More than 50,000 types of contract templates had to be standardised to guarantee legal security and streamline approval processes between the various departments located in the seven countries where the company operates. EMA is fully integrated with the SAP Real Estate solution, expanding its functions and ensuring international coverage.

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