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Spire Healthcare

With 38 hospitals located throughout the United Kingdom, Spire is a leading provider in private health care. The company is built on a heritage of over 25 years’ experience of managing private hospitals. It employs over 7,600 people nationwide, works with over 3,000 of the country’s most experienced surgeons and specialists, and treats over 930,000 patients annually.


Excellence as a standard for quality service

Spire Healthcare prides itself on providing the highest quality healthcare, earning it the reputation of a leader in its field. Spire’s 2013 survey showed that 92% of its patients rated the quality of the care received at their Spire hospital as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’. This secures Spire’s position as one of the UK’s leading hospitals offering the best quality care. It was the first private hospital provider to publish clinical activity and patient opinions on its website.


More time for patient care thanks to automated processes

The imminent withdrawal of support by its technology provider from the UK market led Spire to recognise the need to overhaul its 20-year-old systems. It therefore conducted a study to find a new solution on the market. Patient data was often duplicated with no auditable log, the system was difficult both to operate and maintain, and it was also expensive to configure and support. By manually checking data, the hospital staff were losing valuable time that could be dedicated to patient care.

The benefit of working with multidisciplinary experts
The project was divided into several workflows: Finance Administration System (FAS), Patient Administration System (PAS), Inventory Management and Extended Warehouse Management. The pilot system installed at the Spire Hospital in Hartswood was later followed by a second pilot at the Montefiore Spire Hospital in Brighton. To minimize the challenge of switching to the new system, the first phase of implementation was limited to replacing the existing functionality of the legacy business system. After the complex process of mapping and preparing the data, 8 million patient records were migrated from the Spire system. A total of 30 interfaces were successfully created for both internal and third-party applications.
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