Quantitative Development & Murex Flex

Flexible and quantitative development within the Murex application. At Common we have a Senior Team with proven experience both at a technical and functional level that provides support and development services in Murex in eLAB mode (Specialized Factory) having the necessary human and technical infrastructure.

Our strengths


    Integration of new exotic derivative products in Murex.


    Migration of cloud computing from the internal network to cloud providers


    Assistance and collaboration in service mode with the quantitative teams.


    Multidisciplinary projects from quantitative libraries to web applications, ETLs, Data mining, Scrappers, etc.


    MEF development

    • Integration of new products.
      • Improved cloud computing architecture within Datasynapse.
      • Support and maintenance.
  • Functionalities

    Flexible Library

    • Creation of the Flex library from scratch.
      • Implementation of products with their complete life cycle including all possible market events.
      • Assistance to the quantitative team in the development of the financial library.
      • Implementation of Murex Flex Computing in the network with MPC.
  • Functionalities

    Analysis of data

    • Implementation of ETL in Production and recovery of data related to Flex Performance.
      • Calculation of KPIs.
      • Development improvement based on those KPIs.
      • Reduction of the calculation time of Traders’ portfolios.
  • Functionalities

    cloud migration

    • Transfer of Flex Calculations from the internal network to the IBM Cloud.
      • Integration of the IBM MQ message broker in Flex Library.
      • Preservation of the internal implementation of the network
  • Functionalities

    stock appraiser

    • Implementation of the microservice in C++ and gRPC in charge of creating the data model of the equity product.
      • Protocol buffer-based serialization.
      • Integration of all the tools used by the client: jaegger, prometheus, kibana, conan, gradle, etc.
  • Functionalities

    Interface migration

    • Assistance and design of new interfaces for Quantitative entities.
      • Transfer of current implementations based on adhoc classes in protocol buffer.
      • Large consumption of resources in integrated entities in all libraries.
  • Functionalities

    bloomberg connector

    • Development of new features.
      • Error correction.
      • Maintenance

Our work speaks for itself

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