Common goals

Our ideas are what we have in Common

In 2006, a group of professional experts in their respective fields came together with a shared idea—to be a national and international leader in the field of technology consulting for companies. Thus Common was created.

15 years dedicated to talent, ideas and technology

After 15 years of constant evolution, we have stayed true to our goal of bringing our driving concept to the world of business: developing and integrating cutting-edge technology in the leading sectors of economy. To that end, we have prioritised becoming specialists and building our business on talent, rather than relying on others. That’s why we give such importance to ideas, which are both the cause and effect of the work we do.
Your success, is what we have in Common

A growing presence

We have undertaken implementation projects in more than 20 countries around the globe, for over 100 clients and more than 10,000 users worldwide, and our figures keep on rising.

We operate in Europe, Africa and South America because we know no borders: our work is based on commitment and gaining the trust of our clients wherever they are located.

We are Common

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