An analysis of Common

COMMON MS is leader in the development of collaborative portals for the different members of the educational community. Our most relevant reference is the Scholarium platform, developed for the Department of Education of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Current industry landscape

  • The digital world has not yet permeated all layers of the educational community
  • Educational contents fail to meet the students’ needs
  • The school is no longer the knowledge hub
  • Lack of differentiation and diversity

Challenges of the sector 

  • Facilitating processes leading to the adoption and embracement of ICT processes by the key players of the educational ecosystems, such as managers, coordinators, teachers and parents.
  • Improving educational contents
  • Restructuring the educational system so that each student can find a place in the educational sphere enabling him or her to acquire skills matching their personal capabilities and valuable to the job market

Our contribution to the sector


Collaborative portals for the different members of the educational community, bringing the school closer to the family and vice versa, and fostering the involvement of everyone in the development and betterment of Education


Virtual education environments enabling online tracking of students and publication and display of digital educational contents

Our capabilities

  • Sap 98%
  • Healthcare 90%
  • Retail 76%
  • App 70%
  • Proyect develpment 80%


The team of professionals that founded the company by 2006 has an aggregate experience of more than 17 years in the IT business. We at COMMON believe that, in the face of the risks, challenges and opportunities of current global economy, the key to successs lies on the initiatives you take and the people who makes them possible.
Common Management Solutions focuses only in the areas where out team of experts can provide new ideas, where the joint talent and effort of our professionals enable us to deliver a quality edge, where our business and technological expertise represents a competitive advantage. We are pioneers in the implementation of SAP for healthcare, and have a long track record as solutions providers worldwide.

Have we convinced you?

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