An analysis of Common

Situation of the sector

  • The health entities face new challenges and priorities to respond to market needs, among which the system’s own sustainability and its digital transformation stand out.
  • The improvement of health care for patients, legislation, patient participation in medical decisions, or the development of personalized medicines to meet the particular needs of each patient, are just some examples of the transformation the industry is undergoing. Of the health.


Increase in demand

  • Aging of the population and higher incidence of diseases associated with age.
  • Increase in the foreign population, as a consequence of the increase of tourism in our country.
  • Improvement in efficiency in the treatment of diseases

Increase in costs

  • Since 1970, health spending has increased faster than the economic growth of most countries
  • This is a major challenge for government budgets
  • Reduction in the quality of care and low efficiency
  • Lack of analysis on costs and results

Zero-sum competition

  • Health care is not focused on patients or their results

The future of digital health

The general objective in health care should be to provide maximum value to patients.

  • Health outcomes are important for the patient throughout the care cycle
  • The total costs derived from health care, are an important element throughout the cycle patient care

Value is the common goal of all interested parties.

The main challenge for the different providers of the sanitary environment, is to design a system of sanitary provision that facilitates:

Improve the patient experience


Involve the patient in the management of their results

Implement all clinical innovations based on data

Increase operational efficiency

Improve the training of health personnel

What Common contributes to the healthcare environment

The goal of Common MS is to help healthcare organizations, define their digital strategy, transform their business model, as well as their internal processes and workflows.


Solutions to improve management and efficient usage of the available resources


Electronic Clinic History solutions


Information management tools to support decision making

Health strategy services

We help our clients in the development and implementation of unique solutions that respond to market trends, such as demographic change, patient recognition as a consumer, reimbursement and budgetary pressure, integration and consolidation, and all in a changing and unpredictable regulatory environment.

Our services include:

  • Development and integration of a health strategy
  • Evaluation of competitive environments and the reality of the market.
  • Identify efficiencies and opportunities for operational improvements.
  • Organize care around the patient’s medical conditions
  • We take the services to any geographical area

Sanitary transformation services

Our services include:

  • Redefining value-based health services
  • Define best practices for patient care
  • Measure the results and costs of customer service
  • Ensure the implementation of standards

Health digitalization services

We help clients to digitally transform their business, applying the technologies that will allow them to control costs, attract new customers, retain existing ones and improve the quality and quantity of the attention provided.

Redefining value-based health services

Define best practices for patient care

Measure the results and costs of customer service


Ensure the implementation of standards

Healthcare Common MS- ECH

Our capabilities

  • Sap 98%
  • Healthcare 90%
  • Retail 76%
  • App 70%
  • Proyect develpment 80%


The team of professionals that founded the company by 2006 has an aggregate experience of more than 17 years in the IT business. We at COMMON believe that, in the face of the risks, challenges and opportunities of current global economy, the key to successs lies on the initiatives you take and the people who makes them possible.
Common Management Solutions focuses only in the areas where out team of experts can provide new ideas, where the joint talent and effort of our professionals enable us to deliver a quality edge, where our business and technological expertise represents a competitive advantage. We are pioneers in the implementation of SAP for healthcare, and have a long track record as solutions providers worldwide.

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