Common Feed System (CFS)

Designed to adapt to the requirements of your company. It facilitates a standard API connection to link data from external suppliers and Data Vendors with internal and non-visual applications (black box), allows to install and pay only the applications, services and data desired

Benefits of CFS

Adapts the traditional infrastructure of companies to new digital environments, oriented in a simple way


Audit and traceability of data consumption


Low integration costs

Optimization of supplier costs


Reduced implantation times

Scalable and flexible solution

Without manual intervention

Low maintenance and support costs

Friendly, agile and simple

Distributed Model

It starts with a simple application integration, allowing you to share information as quickly as possible. Start the integration with few external sources or with an internal application, start to increase system to system, data to data


  • Data Integration
  • Workflows and Orchestration
  • Registration and Permissions
  • Data validation
  • Data Routing
  • Service Management


  • Front Web
  • Management of users and permissions
  • Vendor feeds
  • Audit and traceability

Golden Source

  • Historical databases
  • Centralized databases

Excel Addin

  • Data query, audit and maintenance from spreadsheet
  • Integration with macros

Rest API

  • Standard Public API REST
  • Integration with customer systems

Integration module

  • Micro services set
  • Translation of information from other systems
  • Integration with other suppliers (ThomsonReuters, Blomberg, Murex, etc)
  • Integration with internal systems
  • Scalability

Centralized Mode

Once the systems are integrated, you can start using the “Golden Source” service as the main repository of information, saving on development and storage costs

Opportunities for New Businesses

The new development or system can use all the power of the service, thanks to a simple interface they save development costs.
Enter more system components to the application

Where we are?

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