ECH: TheNew generation electronic healthcare record

ECH is Electronic Healthcare Record, designed to facilitate the day-to-day management of any healthcare organization, from any location and device.
ECH facilitates medical care, with a low total cost of ownership, allowing day-to-day management in an agile and simple way to make the best decisions.

Features ECH

Electronic Clinical History. A safe, practical and efficient tool – Powered by SAP HANA®.

Secure platform in the cloud


Compatible with GDPR

Mobile solution

Easy and intuitive design

Flexible and versatile

High operability

Compatible with LDAP

Integration with external applications

Benefits ECH

A solution focused on the patient and designed to achieve an improved performance of all the functions of the healthcare staff.
ECH is a preconfigured solution, which can be customized according to the needs of the users.
It represents a significant improvement in the patient care service.

Application focused on the patient

Cost effective platform


Improved function

Customized to your needs

Preconfigured solution

Excellent customer service

Solutions ECH

ECH as a competitive advantage for the health sector

ECH for GPs and clinics

ECH offers a user-friendly, flexible and secure environment, for unprecedented access to information, to care teams, to patient health records. It is a complete administrative and clinical solution, adapted to the requirements of users and which combines its wide functionality with simplicity in its management.

ECH for Hospitals

ECH Cloud has a complete suite of tools for multiple specialties. The solution provides an electronic patient record, patient and financial management from end to end, improving operational efficiency and optimizing your revenue cycle, which ensures maximum return on IT investment.

Funciones de ECH Cloud

ECH Cloud ofrece funciones específicas para diferentes procesos


Una estación de trabajo específica para el personal médico de los entornos de atención a pacientes ambulatorios.

Permite introducir datos de anamnesis, observaciones sobre evolución del paciente, diagnósticos, procedimientos, derivaciones a otros especialistas, pautas de medicación y recetas de medicamentos

ECH puede manejar distintos tipos de órdenes clínicas: radiodiagnóstico, laboratorio, medicina nuclear, cirugía, derivaciones a otros especialistas, etc.


Incluye estación de trabajo específica para el personal clínico de los entornos de Urgencias

A través del Formulario de triaje, el personal médico puede determinar el nivel de gravedad de cada caso que llegue a Urgencias

Ofrece una herramienta específica para la codificación de diagnósticos, con posibilidad de utilizar distintos catálogos de diagnósticos


La disponibilidad de camas hospitalarias puede gestionarse en formato de lista o por fichas, con iconos de alerta para la información más relevante

Incluye todas las funciones asociadas a la prescripción y administración de medicamentos

Permite mostrar en una vista gráfica las constantes vitales del paciente y los medicamentos recetados y administrados

Patient list

A specific workstation for medical personnel in outpatient care settings

Clinical documentation

It allows to enter anamnesis data, observations on patient evolution, diagnoses, procedures, referrals to other specialists, medication guidelines and medication recipes

Clinical orders and results

ECH can handle different types of clinical orders: radiodiagnosis, laboratory, nuclear medicine, surgery, referrals to other specialists, etc.


It offers a specific tool for coding diagnostics, with the possibility of using different diagnostic catalogs


Includes all the functions associated with the prescription and administration of medications

Graphic view

It allows to show in a graphic view the vital signs of the patient and the prescription and administered medicines


Possibility of managing and visualizing schedules


List of issued invoices


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