Xpandion: Next Generation GRC Platform with Artificial Intelligence

Common MS relies on Xpandion solutions for GRC, Audit and license management, segregation of duties and role management to improve the regulatory compliance levels of our customers.

Your challenges

These are some of the advantages and benefits offered by Xpandion

Granting Authorizations

The process of requesting and granting authorizations presents a challenge in many enterprises. If your company is looking for a way to ensure a smooth process, save resources and avoid unnecessary complications, ProfileTailor Dynamics is the solution for you

Emergency Access

More and more companies realize that IT teams require occasional access to production environments. At the same time, such access to production systems poses a potential security breach and typically results in a significant deficiency in auditor reports


Narrowing down sensitive authorizations

Sensitive authorizations also need to be controlled. After enhancing the pre-configured sensitive object list and adding your own development, you will be ready to see who is really using their sensitive authorization roles, and who is not using them at all


Authorization Review

Periodical reviews of employee authorizations are performed for various reasons: compliance with SOX, meeting other regulatory demands and internal control over organizational operations

About Xpandion

Xpandion’s delivers the full portfolio of products for granting organizations complete control over
their ERP system.

ProfileTailor Security & Authorizations

Grants full control over user authorizations including related processes, continuously monitoring management system users and sending alerts regarding unusual activities as well as risk severity levels. Achieve full control of SAP usage from an application-security point of view with unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time SAP authorization usage

ProfileTailor GRC

Enables compliance with GRC/SOX/SoD requirements, identifying violations on a static level of granting authorizations to users, supporting authorization related processes an analyzing dynamic violations from rules as a compensating control. Reduces GRC expenses by 30-50%, fully preparing customers from audits, pinpointing violations of SoD rules and reducing business risks

ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor

Delivers real-time visibility of actual SAP license usage, simplifies licensing models, enables management of licenses and achieves full control of SAP usage. ProfileTailor LicenseAuditor also optimizes SAP investments, granting control over licensing in both local and global environments as well as preparing organizations for their annual SAP audits

Features and benefits Xpandion

These are some of the features and benefits offered by Xpandion


New Approach to SAP Security

Always Secure, Organized and Under Control

Unique Behavioral Profile Capabilities


End-to-End Process

Added Value for Senior Executives

Reduce Cost, Become Efficient

Be Prepared for External Audit

Bird’s Eye View

Xpandion focuses on the areas of SAP® security, compliance and licensing

Clients of Xpandion testimonials

Some of the testimonials from the clients of Xpandion

“ProfileTailor significantly increased the hospital’s security level by eliminating SAP_ALL authorizations, narrowing authorizations according to our actual usage, and removing inactive users. We now have real-time insight into the actual SAP-related activity being performed by our employees. The implementation took only 3 weeks, and has reduced the risk of fraud and breach of privacy, months of manual work were avoided, and 18% has been saved on maintenance costs. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Xpandion’s solution”

Rafi Maman

SAP Division Manager, Hadassah Medical Center

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