Big Data

Common solutions


Big Data is the vast amount of information surrounding us, where Terabytes of data flow from our computers, sensors and mobile devices. By using suitable solutions, organisations can delve into these data and retrieve valuable insight that would be unconceivable in the past.

Big Data Platform

SAP HANA is the leading Big Data platform, simplifying IT architecture and driving higher efficiency and optimisation of their data management systems. It combines in-memory processing with an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Hadoop to better manage huge volumes of data and improve performance at the speed of thought.

Big Data Applications 

Big Data applications run on the SAP HANA platform, enabling businesses to share insights and improve their performance throughout the organisation.


… in healthcare sector

Analysing and matching clinical data from thousands of patients in order to predict possible diseases and facilitate proactive clinical decisions.

… in sports sector

Analysing all the information generated during a soccer or basketball match… enabling to take decisions in real time.

… in banking industry

Identifying and addressing possible frauds before they occur, by discovering patterns in the Big Data.

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