Clínica CEMTRO

A Success Story from Common Managment Solutions


The Madrid hospital centre Cemtro has managed to optimise its processes with the ECH (Electronic Clinical History) platform, which provides integration of the information that arrives at the ERP and allows data analysis to be carried out in order to improve management decision-making.

With this, Cemtro has improved the accessibility to information by different user profiles, also optimizing the day-to-day operation of the clinic.

Clínica Cemtro is a general hospital founded by surgeon and researcher Pedro Guillén, who introduced arthroscopy in Spain. Although it covers most of the medical specialities, it has specialised in surgery and traumatology, with specific emphasis on sports traumatology, making it a centre of reference for elite sportsmen and women throughout Spain.


Recently, Clínica Cemtro has incorporated a new electronic management platform. To learn more about the organization’s needs when it came to opting for this type of system, David Suárez, head of Clínica Cemtro’s IT services, describes this project. “We already had an electronic platform, but the analysis of the processes made it necessary to change to a system that would allow more complete, detailed and, above all, integrated information. The most important need was to have all the clinical activity recorded in the system in order to carry out a subsequent cost analysis and ensure that nothing was left out of the billing process.

To this end, Cemtro opted for the incorporation of Common’s Electronic Clinical History (ECH) platform. “The ECH clinical history allows us to systematize the collection of clinical data, increase user accessibility and avoid technical problems that we had previously. Being a solution that allows its use through mobile devices there is a positive impact on the reduction of opportunity costs and an increase in production and productivity,” says Suarez.

“We already had an electronic platform, but the analysis of the processes made it necessary to change to a system that would allow more complete, detailed and, above all, integrated information”

David Suárez

Head of IT services, Clínica Cemtro


With regard to how the platform implementation process was designed, the hardware, software and database needs, the head of Clínica Cemtro’s IT services explains that the entire design was carried out by Common MS with whom the clinic maintains a private cloud service for all its systems. “Within this service is the necessary sizing of hardware and databases, as well as the provision of the necessary software licenses.

“When we considered implementing Common’s ECH platform, we wanted a complete solution that could cover any area of the organization. At present, ECH covers all emergency scenarios, outpatient consultation and hospitalization and is used by the entire medical community, so that supports any interaction that occurs with the patient, thus enriching the electronic clinical record of patients and providing all health staff, from warders to doctors, specialists and nurses, in order to know at all times the situation of patients, which undoubtedly improves the care we offer in our clinic. For this person in charge, the uniformity of the information and its traceability from ECH to the ERP system, with the possibility offered by the analysis of the data for the decision making of the directors, as well as the improvement reached in the accessibility to the information by the different profiles, are factors that have contributed to the improvement of the daily functioning of the clinic.


In addition to the staff working at Cemtro, patients also benefit from the implementation of the new ECH, as David Suarez explains. “The use of mobile devices and their functionalities tremendously improves communication between patient and doctor, especially in certain situations such as anamnesis and / or first consultation, during which the patient transmits a lot of information, very useful for monitoring their case by the doctor.

Suarez points out that the fact of being able to incorporate photos of documentation that the patient provides and other additional data to the electronic clinical record, and the fact that the doctor dictates in front of the patient, incorporates an added value in this patient-doctor connection, which the patient himself is grateful for. In the same way, the fact that the medical and nursing collective can carry out their work using mobile devices, accessing from any place and at any time, makes it possible to have the information available online and at the right time, to review the latest progress notes, the results of requested tests, etc., something that results in better patient care by the entire collective of the clinic. “Now, Cemtro’s medical staff can work on your medical cases remotely and prepare in advance to better serve our patients,” points out David Suarez.

“We wanted a complete solution that could cover any area of the organization”

David Suárez

Head of IT services, Clínica Cemtro

“Now we can better serve our patients”

David Suárez

Head of IT services, Clínica Cemtro


Clínica Cemtro’s IT department is currently immersed in the implementation of ECH although they are already thinking about the next phase. As David Suárez, head of IT services at Clínica Cemtro, comments: “Once the implementation of ECH is completed, the next step will be to evaluate different technologies such as SaaS (Software a a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infraestructure as a Service) services for further optimization of IT resources. In general, all this will help us to have the best applications that optimize our work.

Questioned about the phase in which Clínica Cemtro finds itself in the process of digital transformation, Suárez points out that the organization is immersed in a stage similar to that of many other companies that must undertake the digitization process in order to remain competitive. “At Clínica Cemtro we are fully immersed in this process that will take us directly to the digital environment, which will allow us to offer a more personalized patient care based on clinical information accessible to the professional from any electronic device, which will result in better financial control of health centers and improved profitability.

After addressing the different operational areas of the clinic and ensuring integration between the different applications that support their daily activities, Suarez explains that the organization is in a phase of incorporating new components that will be important for the continuous improvement of processes. One of them is a biometric signature, for informed consent, LOPD and General Conditions to contribute to a paperless clinic. Likewise, Cemtro intends to use big data processes in order to integrate patient scoring.

“When the implementation is finished, we will have the best applications to optimize our work”

David Suárez

Head of IT services, Clínica Cemtro

Some relevant data


Clínica Cemtro


1.998. Founded by the surgeon Pedro Guillén






Key Applications

SAP, ECH 5 & Visualtime


To advance in the process of digital transformation, incorporating the communication with the patient in this transformation.
Categorize, cross and exploit data from different information systems.

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