Hospital Los Madroños

A Success Story from Common Managment Solutions

Commitment on a model in constant process of improvement in order for patients to benefit from the care experience

Hospital Los Madroños is a private medical-surgical centre in the western part of the Community of Madrid. Equipped with the highest technology, it has a highly specialized brain damage unit.

Its objective is to become a centre of excellence and that is why technology has become a strategic tool, both for professionals working in the hospital and for the patients themselves. Health technology allows Hospital Los Madroños to achieve better results, in less time and with a higher level of security.

Two strategic areas

Within Hospital Los Madroños, in the field of information management, there are currently two important technological areas that have different technological platforms. In terms of centre management, the hospital opted for standard market tools, including SAP ERP. For the control and monitoring of the centre’s healthcare activity, clinical history, Common MS ECH was used.

For the organization, the investment in Information Technologies is a very outstanding item of its annual budget, and is framed within one of its strategic lines. In addition, the hospital has a large multidisciplinary team of professionals in continuous training to be up to date in new technologies.

“We strive to be in a constant process of improvement in order for our patients to benefit from the care experience that we offer and to have information is crucial to being able to improve. Our commitment to these standard platforms in management and healthcare environments is aimed at optimising resources, as well as exploiting economic-care information for strategic decision-making”

Beatriz Alejo Gil, gerente del hospital los madroños

Head Manager, Hospital Los Madroños

Implant medical history in mobility

The objective of Hospital Los Madroños is to be at the patient’s disposal. Having access to clinical data at the patient’s point of care, improving security and enabling speed in documentation, test requests, etc., are the benefits and new features designed to increase this benefit for the patient. At the same time, its professionals also benefit from this immediacy by being able to make the opportune changes in the treatments, registering the necessary clinical data at the moment, improving the safety of the process.

Future Initiatives

With a view to the future, and bearing in mind that Los Madroños Hospital is an ambitious organisation that is very committed to new technologies that provide a better patient experience, a series of projects have already been planned in conjunction with Common MS, including the implementation of the Patient Portal, shift management and, above all, the implementation of the new FMD system.

ECH that benefits patients and healthcare workers

Common MS designed a project that began with an update of the SAP platform and the subsequent implementation of the ECH clinical file. The management of the change has been, within Hospital Los Madroños, very simple, since the clinical record is a very friendly and intuitive solution, so it was only necessary to give professionals a quick training, which made it easier for clinicians to start using and working with it from the beginning.

Among the main functionalities provided by Common ECH, a platform fully developed in mobility, are: patient list, clinical documentation, clinical orders and results, management of diagnoses, episodes, movements and benefits, billing, management of agenda and appointments, admission, as well as the evolution and indications of nursing, and access to documents with clinical results. Doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff at Los Madroños Hospital can use the application from any authorised device in the centre and at any of the multiple access points set up for this purpose.

Among the main benefits that Hospital Los Madroños has obtained with the implementation of Common MS ECH are the availability of all data 100% in mobility, the increase in quality perceived by the patient, and access to higher quality clinical information and at the same point of care.

“Designed for health professionals, doctors and nurses, ECH facilitates all the day-to-day activities associated with the treatment of patients. It is easy to use from any device, with chronological logging functions for auditing and the possibility of integration with third-party applications. Its main functionalities include: patient list, clinical documentation, progress notes, clinical orders and results, diagnostic management, vital signs, operating room, medication, as well as nursing evolution and indications. Doctors, nurses and caretakers at Los Madroños Hospital can use this application from any device, desktop computer, tablet and smartphone and with iOS, Android or Windows Phone”

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Key Applications

SAP, ECH 5 & Visualtime

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