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Founded in 1969, Neinver is one of the leading companies specializing in development, investment, real estate asset management and fund management. Since its inception, Neinver’s business has revolved around the development, acquisition, marketing and management of a wide range of real estate products, including business parks, industrial parks and retail assets.

In the last 18 years, Neinver has developed more than 2 million square meters of industrial projects, adapted to the needs of each client.

It currently manages 539,000 m2 of retail space in Europe, more than 1,600 stores and more than 800 of the best national and international brands. The Group is present in Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.


One of Neinver’s objectives and values is innovation, and it is within this philosophy that the project set in motion by the company is framed, hand in hand with Common MS, and whose objective is to have a unique management model that, in recent years has been immersed in a process of digital transformation with the aim, among others, of maximizing and optimizing its processes. And this is the objective of the project they have launched, called EMA, in the hands of Common MS.

“The development of EMA has enabled Neinver to fully integrate the commercial and legal areas of the company”


The benefits that Neinver has obtained with the creation of Ema have not only come from the hand of business but also from customer satisfaction. Thanks to this solution, not only is the permanent contact between the commercial and legal departments favoured, but thanks to the standardisation of contracts, it speeds up and facilitates the management processes.

The most immediate benefits are the significant reduction in workloads and work times, as the content of contracts is automated according to the parameters included by the sales team. The risks of error have been minimized, since its automation guarantees the precision of each clause, and above all, the unification of processes in the same tool among all the countries where Neinver operates.


Neinver, faithful to its innovative character, is constantly evolving and searching for developments and tools that allow the company to maximise its internal processes and optimise its management process. “We are currently undergoing a process of digital transformation through the adaptation of new technologies to our business model. At Neinver, we are committed to the personalisation of digital tools and systems in order to continue growing in efficiency and innovation in the retail market. In this sense, the company’s objective is to continue working to obtain new solutions, metrics and processes that allow them to continue leading the sector in this area.


The development of EMA has allowed Neinver the complete integration of the commercial and legal areas of the company, which significantly favors the internal processes, taking into account the large volume of contracts and all legal aspects that must be complied with in each of the 7 countries where the company operates. To this end, it has been necessary to standardize more than 50,000 different contract models in order to optimize the efficiency of the contracting process and increase legal security, in addition to speeding up the approval processes between the different departments in the 7 countries where we are present. With EMA, not only is the permanent contact between the different areas guaranteed, but also the unification of processes in the same tool is facilitated, which means a notable optimization of resources in our commercial management activity.

The permanent contact that this tool facilitates between the commercial and legal departments ensures that the contracts are adjusted to the legal requirements of each country. In this way, the commercial team is always under the supervision of the legal team, increasing its versatility and speed when it comes to closing contracts. In addition, EMA is fully integrated with the SAP Real Estate solution, which expands its functionalities and allows international coverage.

To implement this new project in Neinver, Common MS has relied on an IT architecture mounted on SAP solutions, SAP ERP ECC and SAP Fiori, using Neptune Software, to improve the user experience and mobilize processes to mobile devices of employees, both Smartphone and tablets, with the creation of an App, one of the steps that have also been taken.

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Real Estate


Francia, Alemania, Italia, Polonia, España & Países Bajos

Key Applications

SAP, SAP ERP ECC y SAP Fiori, making use of Neptune Software


To have a unique management model that, in recent years, has been immersed in a process of digital transformation with the aim, among others, of maximizing and optimizing its processes.

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